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 Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Trust

Our Lady of Walsingham
Catholic Trust

About Us


Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Trust delivers outstanding educational, spiritual and moral outcomes for all children regardless of their faith or backgrounds within an ethos based on full inclusion, high expectations, innovation, outstanding teaching and learning, and a relentless focus on the needs and potential of every child. Our vision is that every school within the Trust has a reputation for excellence in their local communities and beyond.


Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all the children in our schools and to prepare them for success in life, however and whatever that might mean to them as they grow and develop. All children in the trust will have the opportunity to develop their talents to the full, in the recognition that they all have talents to offer and that although these talents are different, none is more important than another and all are needed in our ever changing world.


The Trust is a Catholic-based, child-centred MAT.  We are founded on Catholic values which underpin every social, academic and pastoral relationship and the related behaviours which act as live witness to our Faith.   Inspired and supported by these values, we seek to develop the characteristics of effective learners in our children so that, whatever their future holds, they can approach this with character, confidence, resilience and a Christ-centred moral compass.


The learning culture is one where the children and staff have the confidence to engage and need not fear failure along the way.  The children are supported to be confident, active learners so that they push themselves beyond their perceived limits in the safe knowledge that our best learning takes place when we don’t get it right first time, and is a valuable expression of engaging confidently in learning.  The children enjoy working with adults and other children, and also understand that they have God-given gifts, with which it is their responsibility to do the best that they can for themselves and others.

The Trust is committed to the high quality development of all staff, which is key to excellent provision for pupils. This in turn leads to high all-round learning and achievement. The Trust’s approach to professional development is enhanced by a sharing of expertise, best practice, resources and opportunities across the Trust. This ensures the capacity for continuously self-improving academies.